Pelle P has its roots with yachting legend Pelle Petterson, Sweden's best yachtsman of all time and also an award-winning designer of Maxi Yachts.sailing yachts. In 2002 Cecilia Petterson decided to carry on the tradition and create a new brand of clothing for sailing, skiing and sportswear, clothing that was based on the experience of international competitive yachting, design and a yachting lifestyle. Giving us Pelle P - True experience.




 The Maxispecialisten is Peter Svahn Båttillbehör, who started his work in 1976 at Pelle Petterson AB and then Maxi Yachts. He has been working since then with spare parts for Maxi and now he trades and consult the equipment and spare parts of Maxi models. Peter Svahn Båttillbehör is able to help every Maxi owner regarding the old Maxi models: Maxi 68, 77, 84, 87, 95 and so on up to Maxi 909, 999, 33. The “new models” which Nimbus Boats built it´s more difficult but Maxispecialisten always can give the owners good advice and what they shall do.

Daytime tel: 031-549016
Mobilte phone: 46704-549020 / 46705-668650